By Katja Kromann
Cooking from scratch with whole foods - grain free



Here at A Home for Food I want to share recipes with you that are cooked from scratch using whole foods, without grains or refined sugars, using healthy ingredients.

I love recipes that use lots of vegetables, herbs and spices.

So is this Paleo? Gaps? Vegan? LCHF? It's neither. However, most of the recipes might of course very well fall into one of those categories.

The main focus is cooking with whole foods. Using fresh ingredients. Sensibly farmed and with animal welfare in mind.

Lots of food that is the color green. Naturally. And the rest of the rainbow. A largely plant based diet.

And being a recovering sugar addict, sometimes having fallen off the wagon (or simply having parked it somewhere else entirely), there will be desserts. All the desserts. And cookies. And cake. And candy. All made from scratch.

You will find ingredients like these:


Vegetables and fruits generally accepted as vegetables
Green peas and green beans
Herbs and spices
Fruits and berries
Coconut: oil, water, milk, butter, flour, shredded etc.
Olive oil, lard, butter and ghee
Heavy whipping cream
Seeds and Nuts
Eggs and meat
Goat cheese and other cheeses
Coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey
Dark chocolate 85%

Not enthusiastic about

Grains (wheat, corn, rice, millet, barley, quinoa etc)
Sugar, organic sugar, brown sugar, molasses, agave etc except above
‘Diet’ or low fat
Legumes (beans, peanuts, lentils) except above
Heated vegetable oils from seeds
Cake mixes and other mixes
Candy from the store
Artificial food dye

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