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Yellow Juice with turmeric

Yellow Juice with turmeric

I think it is important to rotate the juices and smoothies I eat/drink. I think it creates better absorption of the nutrients when you vary the veggies a bit. Of course I love to put a green apple into my juices for a little bit of sweet, so there is that, but you get my drift...

Yellow smoothie juice - paleo

This is the yellow smoothie I have been adding to my repertoire. I was happy to add turmeric to it as well. It is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and I am always looking for ways to add it to my diet. It also actually tastes good if you are into that sort of flavor. I am.


1 stalk of celery

1 green apple, cored

half a lemon, peeled, de-seeded

half an inch of ginger

1/4 - 1/2 tsp of turmeric depending on taste.

A pinch of pepper (will greatly increase the body's ability to benefit from the turmeric)

A glass of water with ice cubes.

Blend in a Vitamix or similar, drink, yum.

Yellow smoothie juice - paleo
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